Set of the Week: Jazmyn Washington

22448123_1617867841607232_5814362252690121430_nOriginally from Texas, Jazmyn Washington is now living that San Francisco tech life. Lucky for us, at night, she’s telling jokes about it. Surrounded by white males in the city’s most profitable industry, Jazmyn enjoys giving an insider’s perspective on company dynamics and how they reflect society.

Aside from her career, Jazmyn also writes material about her personal life, including bits about her father. As she speaks into the mic, it’s clear she feels a strong connection with the stories she’s sharing. Her authentic and honest perspective on life helps her easily build rapport with the crowd. Each punchline ends with laughter, making for a successful set at the Brainwash.

Q&A with Jazmyn Washington

Years doing comedy?  3

How did feel about your set?  I thought it was OK, people laughed at what I think they should be laughing at.

You had the audience on your pace?  Yeah, I would like more laughter, but every comedian wants that.

How do you make comedy work with your busy schedule?  That’s one of the reasons I started doing comedy, because I can do it at night.  I can do something I’m passionate about after work.  It’s a lot of late nights and alcohol.

What do you get from comedy?  A lot of people have the ability to wing it, but I need to have a plan.  A lot people just get up there and talk about their life.  For me, I need a plan or it doesn’t feel as funny.

What made you get into comedy?  I was an actor and my full-time job wouldn’t work with audition times.  So I started thinking…what can I do at night? Comedy was actually my 3rd option. When I got into modeling, they said I was too short or fat.  So I went into acting, but after college I owed people money and got a job.  You can’t act and do that.  

Does your family support your comedy?  They do, they really support.  My dad did comedy and won a competition in Dallas, he’s funny.  I [think] he wishes he would pursued comedy, and [so] he really supports me 100%.

The Weekly Wash is your guide to the local SF comedy scene. Check in each week to see who’s cleaning up at Brainwash, the longest running open mic in the Bay, going on 18 years. If you’re feeling adventurous, skip the blog and head over to the cafe/laundromat/comedy club and watch over two hours of fresh funny. Enjoy great food and drinks while you watch. Thursday is the biggest night. Thanks for reading!


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